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T by Oscar Quagliarini

Our new Cocktail List for Winter 2019 was crated by Oscar Quagliarini: T is an exclusive selection of cocktails made with tea varieties and blends, used to infuse the spirits and to create homemade bitters and syrups.

Fourteen cocktails for an original journey around the world to discover traditions, flavors and fragrances.

Exclusive at Il Bar!

Pink Osmanthus

Vermouth White infused with Osmanthus Green Tea, Tonic Water flavored with Hibiscus, Q Bitter White, Karkadè Bitter


Calvados, Journeyman O.C.G, Apple and Cinnamon Black Tea Bitter


Wild Berry Iced Tea, Pisco, Cordial Lime infused with Karkadè, Lime


Whisky, Rose Green Tea Syrup, Santal Rose N°2 Liqueur, Strawberry Bitter

Il Martini Incantato

Vermouth Dry infused with Wild Berry Tea, Gin