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T by Oscar Quagliarini

Our creative mixologist Oscar Quagliarini has created for us a special edition of T, a journey to discover traditions, flavors and fragrances with a new selection of cocktail made with tea varieties and blends.

Twelve cocktails with a refined flavour and a unique scent.

Exclusive at Il Bar!

Forest Colors

Gin, Shrub al Tè ai Frutti di Bosco, Lime, Liquore alle More

Il Giardino di Peradeniya

Gin, Citric Solution, Orange and Lavender Black Tea Syrup, Tonic Water, Peated Scotch Whisky Drops with Lapsang Souchong

Mango Tea Time

Vodka infusa al Tè al Mango, Triple Sec, Lime, Spuma ai Fiori di Sambuco

Il Fiore dei Fiori

Ylang N°10, Gin infused with Jasmine Green Tea

Morocco Highball

Gin infuso al Tè alla Menta, Ginger Ale, Lime, Bitter al Cetriolo